I’ve been debating for the past couple of hours whether or not to talk about this, but I think it’s important enough of an issue, albeit a controversial one, to share.

From every single photo post I make, I know there is a huge percentage of folks out there who believe that female cosplayers…

What we need is the male cosplayers to start doing security and busting heads on those gropers because they are just on step away from crossing the line into rapist



An interesting problem to face as a writer, if you create a character with the explicit purpose of making them represent a vile, unlikeable person with horrible opinions, what responsibility do you have if that character becomes a runaway favourite with exactly the type of person you’re attempting…

You can see the same problem for Oliver Stone when he made Wall Street.  Gordon Gecko was suppose to be the villain in the movie but he has become a role model to the very people who would nearly destroy the economy 20 years later. Look at “The Wolf of Wall Street” which is about a true swindler, Jordan Belfort, who stole and ruined the lives of hundreds if not thousands of investors but gets depicted not once but twice by Hollywood leading men, Ben Affleck in Boiler Room a Leonardo Dicaprio in The Wolf of Wall Street. 


Anonymous asked:

What's the best way to get girls to like me?

gutsanduppercuts answered:

Mate, I’m not trying to be overly self-deprecating here but have you seen me? It’s not like I go outside and it immediately starts raining blowjobs and vaginas.
What I’m saying is I’m not the best guy to ask. I’m not exactly what ladies look for and I’m not about to pretend I am.
I’m not giving you a sob story. I’m cool. I have a sense of humor, a snazzy beard and cunnilingus skills that should get me a spot in the X-Men.
I’m just not out there skidding to work on the collective moistness of the ladies I come across, you know?

If you’re a good, nice guy, be yourself. Don’t succumb to reshaping your personality or sacrificing who you are just because you think it’ll get you women.
Oh and if you have your dick as your avatar, you might want to remove that. I’m pretty sure that’s woman Kryptonite.

That or make a shit load of money.